This page presents a tool used by the team in order to help determine the process by which the entries in the Exon Domesday Book were compiled. It presents an interactive visualisation of the relationship between the entries as they appear in the manuscript and the degree to which they do or do not match different sequesnces of hundreds. The tool was developed by Geoffroy Noel, drawing on the English translation of the Exon Domesday Book by F. Thorn (available on this website) and data compiled by S. Baxter and C. Lewis (available through the Search facilities on this website). 

Please note that this page was only ever intended for use by the project team, and some of the links are not accessible to those outside the team.

How to Use

The retrieved hundred number are grouped by Shire then TIC1086 and ordered by the entry number referencing them. The TIC are listed alphabetically under each Shire.

Tick the check boxes in the Display options panel at the top of the page to alter the presentation of the hundred list. 

To obtain more information about an occurrence of a hundred, move the cursor over a number. The selected number will be highlighted in orange and all other occurrences of that hundred on the page will be highlighted in yellow. A tooltip will also appears with the following information:

  • the name of the hundred
  • the numeral order
  • the Ellis entry number
  • the hands that wrote this entry

The text of the of the entry extracted from the translation by F. Thorn available on this website will also appear at the top (or bottom) of the screen each time you move the mouse over a hundred number.

Changing the numbers assigned to the hundreds

The default order for Cornwall is:
1: Pawton, 2: Tybesta, 3: Winnianton, 4: Rialton, 5: Fawton, 6: Connerton, 7: Stratton, 8: Rillaton, 

Imagine that you want this order instead:
1: Tybesta, 2: Pawton3: Winnianton, 4: Rialton, 5: Fawton, 6: Connerton, 7: Stratton, 7: Rillaton
(Stratton and Rillaton share the same number, so 7, 8, 7 will no longer be highlighted as a discontinuity)

You would do the following:

  1. move your mouse over 'Pawton'
  2. drag and drop it just after 'Tybesta'
  3. notice that the numbers have been updated
  4. click on '8' that precedes 'Rillaton'
  5. delete '8' with the keyboard and type '7' instead
  6. press 'ENTER'/RETURN key to confirm
  7. now click the button 'Apply changes' to reload the page with the new numbers

You can iterate the process and continue editing the order as many times as you like.

To save an order, simply bookmark the web page in your browser, or make a copy of the URL. Next time you return to that bookmarked URL it will reproduce the order at the moment you created the bookmark. You can therefore create as many bookmark as you wish and share them with other team members.

To reset the default order, select 'Supplied by F.T.' in the dropdown at the beginning of the web page and click 'Apply changes'.

View the Hundredal Order tool.