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Unless explicitly specified otherwise, all images of the Exon Domesday Book (Exeter Cathedral Library MS 3500) are Copyright © Exeter Cathedral Dean and Chapter. Users may not download, reproduce or distribute images from the Exon Domesday website but must obtain images from the original source, and must also obtain any licences or other written permission required by the Dean and Chapter. See further Acknowledgements and Image Rights. Please note that the Exon Domesday team does not have permission to distribute images of manuscripts or charters beyond this project and so no requests for this can be considered.

'Ellis' images are scans of H. Ellis, Libri censualis vocati Domesday-book, additamenta ex codic. antiquiss : Exon' domesday. Inquisitio Eliensis. Liber Winton. Boldon book. London, 1816. 

Exon Domesday Data

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