This page presents a visualisation of scribal activity throughout the manuscript. Each row in the table represents a scribe, and each column represents a page in the manuscript; black rectangles in the table mean that the given scribe wrote on the given page. The green row across the top provides an indication of the number of different scribal hands found on that page. If you hover your mouse over a black rectangle in the table then a box will pop up providing more details about the scribe's contribtion to that page. Please note that no distinction in this table is made between the type of contribution: it includes writing the main text, correcting the text, or adding notes or further content. You must therefore check the pop-up box to understand the type of contribution that the given scribe made. The table also only includes hands more or less contemporary to the production of the manuscript. The table was developed by Geoffroy Noel and is based on data extracted from the Palaeographical and Codicological Description by Francisco Álvarez López.

View the Distribution of Scribal Hands.