The Labs section includes two visualisations of the physical structure of the manuscript. Both of these are generated first by harvesting data from the project's Palaeographical and Codicological Description by Francisco Álvarez López. They then reformat this data and pass it through the Collation Modeler, lead by Dot Porter and Alberto Campagnolo and developed at the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies. This results in two different visualisations.

  • The first is a list of quire diagrams for the entire manuscript.
  • The second is a 'virtual deconstruction' of the manuscript to show what the individual sheets of parchment would look like if the manuscript were entirely disbound. For instance, in a regular quire of eight folios in four bifolia, the first 'unit' is a visual representation of what you would see if you removed the first folio and its conjoint leaf (fol. 8) from the manuscript: namely folios 1r and 8v together, and 1v and 8r together.

Access the Collation Diagrams

Access the 'Virtual Deconstruction'