This page provides a visual overview of the entire Exon manuscript. Each row in the display represents a page of the book, and the columns present data extracted automatically from the Palaeographial and Codicological Description by Francisco Álvarez López. The software automatically searches for codicological discontinuities, that is, points where the layout or arrangement of parchment changes suddenly from one page to the next, with respect to ruling, pricking, lines per page, arrangement of hair and flesh, and so on. Such discontinuities are colour-coded according to an approximate estimate of the degree of change, with a darker red indicating a more abrupt change. The intention is for this to be used to find codicological units of production. The visualisation was developed by Geoffroy Noel and Peter Stokes, using the descriptions by Francisco Álvarez López and based in part on the model described by P. Andrist, P. Canart and M. Maniaci, La Syntaxe du Codex (Turnhout: Brepols, 2013). See also P. A. Stokes, 'Modelling Codicology I: Sequence in Gatherings, Folios and Pages' and 'Modelling Codicology II: A Partial Draft Implementation'.

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