This page presents a concordance of all the words appearing in the Latin text of Exon edited by F. Thorn and made available on this site. Words appear in the left column, followed by a formatted form of the word (reflecting in part how the word was processed by the computer), then the number of occurrences in the text. If you hold your mouse over the word then you will see a list of entries showing that word which you can then look up on the website. Some attempt is made to account for different spellings and word endings but this is by no means perfect, and so the tool must be used with caution. At the top of the form you will find options to download and save the wordlist in different formats, and you will also see a box allowing you to select a subset of entries in your results. Please be aware that leaving this box blank and selecting the entire set of words will take a very long time to load and may well cause your browser to hang or crash. You are therefore strongly advised to begin with a subset of entries such as '1a1-45b3' and to increase the size of your request gradually if needs be. This tool was developed by Geoffroy Noel based on the text edited by Frank Thorn. Please note, however, that the wordlist in its current state reflects a slightly earlier version of the Latin text, meaning that there will be very small discrepancies between the wordlist and the text.

View the Latin Wordlist.